February 2, 2016

Board Opportunity

The MindSpark Board of Directors is seeking curious individuals with the mind for wild thinking.  We are looking for open minds and the ability to provide a blend of fresh perspectives and refined talent.  Serving on the board will enrich your personal and professional life, as well as give you an opportunity to meet accomplished and engaging professionals.
The incoming board will play a pivotal role in strengthening our existing programs, but also developing a new summer program for teens, exposing them to the intersection of engineering, technology, and entrepreneurship.  Through our programs we guide youth towards the freedom to be creative and the power to earn a living.
At this critical juncture, we are looking to identify candidates with expertise or background in some or all of following areas:
  • Fundraising – ability to motivate and drive board fundraising as well as provide access to philanthropic networks, which includes assisting staff in the development of a fundraising plan, and executing said plan.
  • Programming – with industry experience in engineering, technology, or as a business founder, owner, or executive, you will provide guidance and connections to resources which will ensure our programs are relevant, stable, and impactful.
  • Marketing – lead the team in planning, developing, and implementing a marketing, advertising, and public relations strategy.  Help the organization to articulate and communicate MindSpark’s brand in the proper channels.  Recommend short and long-term organizational goals.
Each Director is expected to use his/her resources and influence to support the growth and development of the organization.  You can anticipate contributing your time and talent to semi annual full board meetings, and small group or one-on-one meetings throughout the year.  If you are interested in exploring this opportunity, please reach out to Executive Director, Maia Stone, to find out whether this volunteer experience is right for you.  
Maia Stone – maia.stone@mindspark.org or 303.909.5353
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