MIT Media Lab Tangible Media Group unveils a a Dynamic Shape Display. So what exactly does that mean?  Remember those desk toys that you stick your hand behind and it pushes the pins through to reveal a rough 3-D form?  Well, thanks to the work of Daniel Leithinger and Sean Follmer, overseen...

Pushing Creative Boundaries

You may have heard of 3D projection mapping, and seen it executed on the side of a building, but one production company, Bot & Dolly, is taking it to another level.  Using multiple technologies, including large scale robotics, projection mapping, and software engineering, they are able to map onto moving...

Viola Organista

Among his many inventions, Leonardo Da Vinci had the amazing idea to create a musical instrument that blended the harpsichord and cello.  His sketch designs for it, can be found in his notebooks including the Codex Atlanticus, (page 93r).  What’s even more amazing than his ability to conceive of such an instrument,...



We provide workshops for youth, designed to teach 21st century skills such as collaboration and communication, creativity and innovation. Using tools and their hands to build and make things, participants are faced with the challenge of critical thinking and problem solving, and encouraged with a failure positive attitude. We blend science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curriculum into the program through projects using wood, electronic textiles and recycled materials.


The moment when two synapses connect and fire new reality throughout the brain.


Think Weird. Meet people who are experimenting on the unpaved road and who see things differently. These luminary adventures explore concepts of today’s thought leaders and broaden perception. Think of it as a book club without a book. Twelve individuals set off to expose concepts of unorthodox geniuses toiling away in their labs and libraries, bent on changing the world armed with nothing more but an idea. Meet and embrace the rule breakers whose ideas tend not easily defined by traditional paradigms. WARNING: Inspiring thoughts can be uncomfortable.