Our Programs

Reaching children of every age

Grades K-5

A set of kits for curious young minds to develop critical thinking skills and inspiring new ideas along critical and independent thought.

Enrichment for Grades 6 – 8

Programs to provide students an introduction to in depth exploration using scientific methods and engineering design processes, through the use of fun and engaging projects.

Camps for Grades 9-12

Introducing teens to industry leaders at the intersection of engineering, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Our Story

MindSpark was founded in 2004, by Johnny Klein, to engage thought leaders with concept of exploration, expanding thought and to be a source of inspiration for business professionals. Colorado Creative was founded in 2011, by Maia Stone, with a focus on STEM and youth. While MindSpark was searching for new leadership for a new phase, Colorado Creative was rebranding, and the two merged in 2013 with the new mission of providing curious people with tools to explore their potential. The ideas, mindset and outcomes of our different audiences were aligned regardless of both age and acumen. As a result of this merger, MindSpark is now run by Maia Stone, who brings a unique combination of creative spirit and technical expertise to the position. MindSpark provides guidance for youth in order to prepare them with essential skills for high achievement in today's economy. The organization uses creative exploration to encourage interest in STEM fields. MindSpark creates an environment for learning that enables youth aged 5-18 years to practice different methods of hands-on learning, emphasizing creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration. Our programs develop information, communication, and technological literacy. Find out more about our TEAM.


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Maia Stone

Executive Director,
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Johnny Klein

Board Chair
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